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Nestled amidst the bustling streets of Deira, Dubai, in the majestic United Arab Emirates, lies the delightful Waterfront Market. It is a vibrant fresh food market that provides a variety of local and international goods. It is a one-stop shop for fresh produce, meat, seafood, herbs, seasonings, and other culinary ingredients.

Each section of the Waterfront Market has been assigned a particular category of products. These sections consist of the Fish Market, the Vegetable and Fruit Market, the Meat Market, the Spice Souk, and the Dry Goods Market. This helps visitors navigate and explore the various offerings.

The seafood market at Waterfront Market is renowned for being one of the largest in the region. Locally and globally sourced fresh fish and seafood are available for consumers to choose from. It serves as a hub for both retail and wholesale buyers.

As the name suggests, Waterfront Market offers beautiful views of the Dubai Creek waterfront. Visitors can enjoy the scenic vistas, watch traditional dhows (boats) sail by, and capture stunning photographs of the city's skyline.

Things to do at Waterfront Market

  • Explore the Fresh Food Market:

Visitors can Explore the various sections allocated to fresh produce on a leisurely stroll through the market. Explore an extensive selection of fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, seasonings, and other culinary ingredients. Engage with friendly vendors, educate oneself on regional ingredients, and engage oneself in the lively atmosphere.

  • Shop for Local and International Products:

Waterfront Market offers a variety of local and international goods for purchase. From traditional spices and herbs to exotic fruits and one-of-a-kind foods, one can find a wide variety of culinary delicacies to take home or enjoy during the stay.

  • Experience the Fish Market:

Visit Waterfront Market's well-known Fish Market. Explore the extensive variety of fresh seafood, which includes fish, shrimp, prawns, crabs, and lobsters, among others. Engage with the fishmongers, learn about the various types of seafood, and select the best seafood ingredients.

  • Learn Local Cooking techniques:

Participate in cooking workshops and courses hosted by Waterfront Market. Discover traditional Emirati culinary techniques, authentic recipes, and information about the spices and flavors used in Emirati cuisine. It is a wonderful opportunity to hone one's culinary abilities and immerse oneself in the local cuisine.

  • Shop for Souvenirs and Handicrafts:

In addition to the cuisine, Waterfront Market provides a section for local souvenirs and handicrafts. Explore a collection of exclusive products, including textiles, pottery, traditional seasonings, perfumes, and local goods. As a memento, take home a portion of Dubai's cultural heritage.

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Address of Waterfront Market

Al Khaleej Road Opposite Dubai Hospital, Dubai United Arab Emirates

Opening & Closing time of Waterfront Market

  • Monday
    Open 24 Hours
  • Tuesday
    Open 24 Hours
  • Wednesday
    Open 24 Hours
  • Thursday
    Open 24 Hours
  • Friday
    Open 24 Hours
  • Saturday
    Open 24 Hours
  • Sunday
    Open 24 Hours

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