Qatar National Library

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Qatar National Library appears to uncover archaeology of books, a hidden indication of a more advanced civilization, yet oddly descends into the desert floor while remaining earthbound. Visit even if not for the books to see the stunning building.

Things to do at Qatar National Library

  • The immersive experience of deep diving into a book: Over a 42,000 m2 space, the public library has enough for thousands of readers and over a million books. The library is a part of Education City, a brand-new campus for higher education that is home to satellite campuses for prestigious colleges and organizations from around the globe.
  • Enjoy your peace and quiet with your favorite subjects: The arrangement of library stacks, which distinguish and categorize the various spaces according to purpose, defines the interior environment, which is entirely open and drenched in natural light from the vast facades in the undulating glass. The calm reading atmosphere is made possible by the corrugated glass façade, which diffuses the otherwise strong natural light. An aluminum ceiling with reflective surfaces directs the diffuse light even further into the building's interior. A subterranean patio outside serves
  • Smart solutions for the next gen readers: The library is intended to be a space that can hold both people and books. The three aisles that make up the building's perimeter and enclose the core triangle-shaped space are elevated above the ground, forming three aisles that store the book collection. This configuration allows the visitor to enter the building conveniently from the middle as opposed to trying to do it laboriously from the outside.
  • Diverse amenities to cater to your needs: A 120-seat auditorium, a children's and teen library, spaces for individual and group study, multimedia stations, a writing center, and areas furnished with a wide range of creative tools are also included. There are also areas for the preservation of particular collections.
  • Collective efforts towards intellectual growth: A brand-new campus for higher education, Education City is home to satellite campuses for esteemed universities and organizations from all over the world. The library is a part of this campus. Numerous activities, including seminars and workshops as well as performances by the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, are held at the Qatar National Library every month.
  • Rare treasures that speak volumes: Qatar National Library, which also safeguards the Heritage Collection, which is made up of rare books and manuscripts relating to Arab-Islamic civilization, is home to Doha's National Library, Public Library, and University Library.
  • Coffee Bar & Bakehouse Safahat: There's no need to panic if you can't function without your morning joe because the coffee shop inside QNL has recently reopened. Everything from flat whites to colorful lattes, sandwiches, or sweet delicacies will be available for you to purchase.
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Address of Qatar National Library

District of Freedom, Education City, Al Luqta St, Doha, Qatar

Opening & Closing time of Qatar National Library

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