The Corniche

The Doha Corniche, a seven-kilometer stretch of stunning promenade overlooking the tranquil coastline, is one of Doha's most recognizable attractions. It has a crescent-shaped walkway encircling Doha Bay that provides the best views of the city's contemporary skyline and is the focal point of events like the National Day celebrations and National Sports Day.

The opulent structures, breathtaking monuments, and great works of art along the Corniche are evocative of New York City, and every visitor to Doha makes the trip there at least once while they are there.

Things to do at the Corniche

• Seize the day afloat: There is a jetty further down the corniche where little fish flow into the crystal-clear sea. There is also a small beach where you may go canoeing, but swimming is not permitted. Take a boat ride to view this city while watching the dhows illuminate the Corniche in the evenings as you stroll around the bay. The sea will always be on one side of the tourists' view, while the other has a narrow grassland strip and a busy business street.

• Reach new heights with skyscrapers: Due to Doha's (Qatar's capital) recent rise to fame, the seaboard's development work has increased over the past ten years, with several skyscrapers being constructed to the north of the Corniche. Skyscrapers surround the Doha Corniche, lined with magnificent hotels, cafes, government buildings, beautiful parks with playgrounds, cool green lawns, and several other breathtaking landmarks, including the Museum of Islamic Art and the Qatar National Theatre.

• Get spoilt in the luxury of modernity: On the other end of the Corniche, on the crescent-shaped Doha Bay, stands the Sheraton, a landmark with an Aztec pyramid shape. Near the hotel is a lovely Sheraton Park, from which the Corniche Promenade extends. There is a playground for kids, a café, a hop, and cool, lush meadows with restful areas where people can unwind and enjoy the stunning sunset.

• Admire the green expanse: Moving along the corniche, the Bal Hambar restaurant is directly on the water. Here, one can dine peacefully while taking in the typical Arabic fare while watching the waves pound on the wall below. This is a true expanse of greenery, and since so many different kinds of birds frequent it, it's great for bird watching.

• Appreciate the art of preservation: The Doha Heritage Village, a replica of a traditional Qatari hamlet, is located further down the Corniche of Doha. Here, visitors may observe traditional crafts like weaving and pearl trading and a traditional Dhow that is always being repaired. The atmosphere is alive with music and dancing in the evening. Moving westward, the Emir's palace, the official residence of the Qatari government, is the next remarkable concrete building. It is surrounded by lavishly planted gardens and a flowing water feature.

• Deep dive into history in an uber chic setting: The Qatar National Museum was renovated and reopened in December 2014 on the opposite side of the street. This is situated in the eastern section of the Doha Corniche and features the largest wooden dhow in the world, in addition to a small jetty and a nautical museum. Several hip dhow eateries serve traditional Qatari food near the jetty, drawing locals and tourists. At the entrance to this jetty is a magnificent sculpture of a pearl that is featured in every visitors' photo album.

• Eat to your heart’s content: The trek concludes at the end of the Corniche, home to the restaurant Ras Al Nasa and the Doha Club. Evening walkers love Ras Al Nasa's refined Persian cuisine, which is offered at affordable costs, and its cathedral-style restrooms.

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