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An avid art collector and longtime patron of Arabic artists, Mathaf began to amass a collection that would serve as a rich and comprehensive treasure trove of contemporary Arab art for both the public and artists.

The museum is tucked away in a nook of Doha's enormous Education City complex, which French architect Jean Francois-Bodin redesigned. Besides playing a proactive role in the modern Islamic world, it is a cultural hub that conducts exhibitions that are thematically varied, meticulously researched historically, and curatorially exploratory.

Things to do at Mathaf Arab Museum of Art:

  • Marvel at the great elevation: The adaptable interior of Mathaf features soothing hues of vibrant artworks grouped in a series of linked halls, and the sparkling fluorescent lighting that alternates between levels occasionally creates an exhilarating sensory experience. One overlooks the maze-like design of the museum when looking at Mathaf's artistic appeal.
  • Sixty-four pieces of black and pink granite were carried from the sculptor Adam Henein's house in Aswan, Egypt, to create Al-Safina, also known as 'The Ship.' On top of the ship-like structure are twenty granite and bronze sculptures, some soar imposingly toward the skyline, including animals, human figures, plants, and abstract forms.
  • Witness an array of art forms: The museum spans almost 5,500 square meters (59,000 square feet) and houses more than 6300 works of art, providing an incredibly thorough overview of contemporary Arab culture beginning in 1840. The museum's collection is dominated by paintings and sculptures, although multimedia pieces and photographs exist. Reputable artists from the Arab Peninsula are represented, including those from Africa, Asia, and Europe.
  • Despite being young, the Mathaf has considerably impacted the evolution of museum dynamics in West Asia. Names like Mahmoud Said, Wafaa Bilal, DiaAzzawai, and Sliman Mansour are represented in the galleries, and exhibitions are made famous thanks to this venue.
  • Deep dive into history: Twenty-three stories of journeys through time and space are collected in 'Told/Untold/Retold.' The nature, individualism, form, and Doha galleries are on the ground floor. In contrast, the Horoufiyah, society, struggle, family, history, and legend galleries are located primarily on the first floor.
  • Along with individual portraits, cityscapes, and text-based art, the museum also highlights the numerous civic conflicts that the Arab world faced throughout the 20th century.
  • Research and development initiatives: The museum strives to start conversations by hosting exhibitions, educational programs, an annual competition, and a student show. It also aims to build a research center to support academic growth through seminars and lectures. Mathaf runs educational initiatives and funds studies into contemporary and modern Arab art.
  • Resources to expand and enhance knowledge: An on-site library at Mathaf has a wide selection of modern and historical art literature, emphasizing the Arab world. The multilingual Mathaf Encyclopedia is a free, online resource for scholars that offers the fundamental knowledge and in-depth analysis of Arab modern art.
  • Experiential learning and career advancement opportunities: and skill development: For creative college students (Mathaf Voices) who want to create programs and events and guide exhibition tours at the museum, Mathaf offers an 8-month internship program.
  • Amenities: The museum also has a modest gift and book shop where visitors can purchase a limited number of books, exhibition catalogs, books about contemporary art, regional magazines, and unique, one-of-a-kind items to give as gifts, along with a café to chit chat with friends and family.
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Address of Mathaf : Arab Museum of Modern Art

Education City off Al-Luqta Street, Doha Qatar

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Mathaf : Arab Museum of Modern Art

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