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The Katara Mosque is described as a unique architectural masterpiece in the center of the cultural district.

The elaborate and stunning Katara Mosque, also known as the Blue Mosque of Katara, is situated in the Katara Cultural Village in the western region of the State of Qatar.

Numerous tourists and worshipers travel to the cultural village north of the capital Doha to see this religious masterpiece.

The magnificent glass mosaic artwork and hand-painted ceramic tiles manufactured especially for Katara give the mosque its main blue color.

The mosque was created by Turkish architect Zeynep Fadilloglu, who is thought to be the first woman to specialize in mosque design.

During Ramadan and the other months of the year, Katara Mosque is regarded as one of the most significant places of worship. It plays an important part in revitalizing the nights of the holy month.

Things to do at Katara Mosque:

  • Study history through art evolution: Its design showcases a rare synthesis of various Islamic arts throughout the ages. It is inspired by the best and most beautiful technical and engineering specifications, reflecting the fantastic richness and rare diversity in Arab and Islamic civilization.
  • Marvel at the architectural finesse: The Katara Mosque is not built like other mosques in Qatar. The structure is a mosaic made primarily of blue tiles with hints of red and yellow. The intricate patterns and the equally intricate interior will wow you. Three spiked columns that reach upward flank the mosque. It's charming how these overpowering constructions contrast with the attractiveness of the mosaic walls. It also has a gorgeous interior design that adds even more glitz and an outside surface decorated with turquoise and purple mosaic. The prayer niche (mihrab), the minaret, the dome, and the exterior and interior architectural designs were all influenced by well-known mosques and filled with beautiful handiwork, including mosaic tiles, decorations, and inscriptions. The recognizable pigeon towers—oblong buildings with holes and perches for pigeons—can be seen right next to the mosque.
  • Participate in major religious gatherings and congregations: In addition to lectures and religious symposia that a group alternately delivers of senior scholars and preachers in the Arab world and the Islamic world, who are distinguished by their vast and abundant knowledge, it hosts several readers who are distinguished by the beauty of their voices and their good recitation of the Holy Qur'an.
  • Immerse yourself in the sanctity of Katara Mosque during Ramadan: A large number of believers are eager to be present in the Katara mosque to experience the virtues of Ramadan nights by praying, supplication, and remembrance, listening to religious lectures, reciters, and sheiks with beautiful voices who lead the believers in the evening prayers, Tarawih, and Qiyaam prayers.
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Address of Katara Mosque

Al Moasses St, Doha, Qatar

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