Dafna Park

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Dafna Park, which is spread across an area of 93,297 square metres, opened in 1990, is a terrific spot to go for leisurely walks, breathe in some fresh air. Dafna Park should definitely be on your list of places to visit if you want to temporarily forget about your problems. This is the greatest location to see the skyscrapers, lush green park, and sea view of Qatar. Visitors to the park can go on boat rides along Doha Bay, watch their kids play in the playground, or eat delectable snacks at the park's on-site cafeteria.

Things to do at Dafna Park:

  • Stroll around the green expanse: It is also regarded as one of the most alluring gardens to tourists, especially for those who enjoy walking as a sport. Also known for its breathtaking views of Doha, where the blue water combines with the beauty of the surrounding greenery and the sea with the beach to create an impressive view that astounds viewers.
  • Admire the wealth of flora and fauna: The garden was planned using natural systems, and a sizable cluster of palm, neem, and alalbeza trees makes up the majority of the garden's green space. Along with some trees, other ornamental bushes, and gorgeous seasonal flowers, you can also see several European olive trees.
  • Be greeted by the Dallah: Coming into the garden from the car entrance, one can see the old Dallah with its distinctive and magnificent appearance, as well as its alluring white colour, which is a symbol of generosity and Arabian hospitality. It also represents one of the ancient traditions of the Arab people.
  • Playground for kids: In order to allow parents to supervise their children while they play, a circle of seats surrounds the playing area, which is positioned in the middle of the garden. Children can play close to this area where a large space has been left free of trees to allow children to play. The area is also equipped with a number of unique and safe games.
  • Cafeterias and restaurants for snack on the go: Restaurants and café are located in the garden and provide visitors with some snacks, beverages, and accessories. Boats: The tourist can take boats and have a cruise in Doha Bay and see the city from the water because the garden is closed to the Gulf.
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    4 hours

Address of Dafna Park

Al Corniche Street, Doha Qatar

Opening & Closing time of Dafna Park

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    Open 24 Hours
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