Dolphin Village Dammam

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Dolphin Village Dammam is a popular tourist attraction located in the city of Dammam, in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. This unique village allows visitors to get up close and personal with dolphins, providing both children and adults with an unforgettable experience.

Interactive dolphin shows:

Dolphin Village Dammam is known for its interactive dolphin shows. These shows provide an opportunity for visitors to witness these incredible marine creatures in action, displaying their agility, intelligence, and beauty. Visitors can also engage in swimming with the dolphins, offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience of swimming alongside these awe-inspiring creatures.

Develop a deeper understanding of nature:

Through these programs, visitors can learn about different species of dolphins, their habitats, and their behaviors. This knowledge allows individuals to develop a deeper understanding of these magnificent creatures and the importance of preserving their natural environment. Furthermore, Dolphin Village Dammam actively contributes to research efforts aimed at the conservation of dolphins, making it a significant center for marine conservation in the region.

Water pools, games, and much more:

Apart from dolphin-focused activities, Dolphin Village Dammam also boasts a range of recreational facilities. The village is equipped with a water park that includes slides, pools, and water attractions for individuals of all ages. This makes Dolphin Village Dammam an ideal family destination, as it caters to the entertainment and enjoyment of everyone. Visitors can spend their day exploring the water park, cooling off in the pools, or simply relaxing in the sun.

Dining options:

Dolphin Village Dammam encompasses a variety of dining options, ensuring that visitors can satisfy their appetites during their visit. From local cuisine to international flavors, the restaurants and cafés in the village offer a diverse range of culinary delights.

Through dolphin shows, swimming experiences, and educational programs, visitors can develop a deeper appreciation for these fascinating creatures. Moreover, the village’s recreational facilities and diverse dining options make it a complete tourist destination for individuals of all ages. Dolphin Village Dammam truly stands as an exceptional attraction where entertainment, education, and conservation converge, leaving visitors with unforgettable memories.

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    4 hours

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Address of Dolphin Village Dammam

Cornish Rd, Al-Hamra'a, Dammam 31411, Saudi Arabia

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