Al Hayat Plaza

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Located on King Saud Street, this plaza is famous for specialty and gift shops. Al Hayat Plaza is a great bet if you want to experience something different from the usual opulent malls. From Household appliances, RTWs, electronic appliances, gadgets, school supplies, Mobile and Computer shops and their repairs, Bank Remittance, Dining, local perfumes, jewelry, souvenirs, home decor, grocery, toys, cosmetics, etc., everything under one roof. 

This shopping center is a perfect place to enjoy a traditional shopping experience. The upside of shopping here is that you can bag everything at a competitive price. It is also a place to buy the best imitation jewelry for occasions. Many people from Bahrain come to this place to shop for wedding dresses because the rates are subsidized, and they get everything within their budget. 

How to explore Al Hayat Plaza? 

  • It's a family-friendly market to enjoy shopping and a leisure trip with children to enjoy the weekend. 
  • Here you can have every household item, from branded to Chinese, manufactured at the lowest price. 
  • It has an excellent computer and mobile center.
  • Saudi Nationals who are shop owners are quite friendly and know the English language. So if you are a foreigner and prefer shopping at this plaza, shop for souvenirs and traditional items at the lowest price. 
  • In Hayat Plaza, a few extremely great stores cost just one dollar, and visitors from abroad can also use the accessible money transfer facilities.
  • It has a play area for kids' entertainment. Parents can shop and let their children be entertained in this play area. 

Nearby attractions 

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    1 hour 30 minutes

Address of Al Hayat Plaza

King Saud Street, Dammam Saudi Arabia

Opening & Closing time of Al Hayat Plaza

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