Coptic Orthodox Church of Saint George

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The Cathedral of Saint George is harmoniously set alongside the beautifully built Victorian Shephalbury Manor. A significant fire almost destroyed the church, although it was later rebuilt.

It is named after the renowned martyr Saint George, the patron saint of England and one of the most powerful intercessors for the Coptic faithful.

The cathedral contains recognisable Coptic features, including a vaulted roof along the length of the building and a conventional domed Coptic bell tower with a Coptic Cross on top.

An iconostasis (icon bearer) and elaborate hand-carved woodwork were created and produced by master Egyptian carpenters to embellish the cathedral's interior.

It surrounds exquisite traditional Coptic icons that were expressly commissioned and dedicated to Church saints, fostering a spirit of holiness in its serene surroundings and providing the impression of heaven on earth. Those who wish to descend the closed stairs into the ruins of the ancient Roman tower can also reach the circular foundation of the church.

The church is accessible to people of all faiths because it continues to function formally in contemporary society, but visitors are not allowed to enter the monastery.

There are no exceptions to this regulation, so if you want to visit the church, keep that in mind.

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Address of Coptic Orthodox Church of Saint George

Nearby Roman Fortress Old (Coptic) Cairo, Cairo 11511 Egypt

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Coptic Orthodox Church of Saint George

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