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The ancient world's advanced civilizations developed and fell into disrepair in the Nile River basin, which makes up around one-tenth of the continent's surface area. People who were among the first to cultivate agricultural skills and plough use lived on the banks of the river.

The extreme contrast between the fertile Nile Valley and its delta and the dry wastelands that surround them has influenced the region's character and history.

Nile River Valley is shaped like a lotus flower, which was an ancient Egyptian emblem for the renewal of life. The triangle-shaped delta is the flower, the long, thin river valley is the stem, and the Fayyum Region is a bud. It includes places like Luxor and Aswan, and is deserving of its title as the largest open-air museum in the world because it is home to thousands of monuments.

It's better to be selective when visiting the Valley and blend sightseeing with river felucca rides, exploring bazaars and camel markets, and going to the occasional moulid. Most tourists are successful in doing this by travelling directly to Upper Egypt, stopping in Luxor or Aswan by train or aeroplane, and then taking day trips to the attractions nearby. Of these, the cult temple at Edfu is among the most popular. They also explore the New Kingdom temples and tombs of Karnak and the Theban Necropolis from Luxor.

Middle Egypt, located farther north, is best renowned for its temples at Abydos and Dendara, but intrepid tourists can also explore Beni Hassan's tombs and the remnants of Akhenaten's palace at Tell el-Amarna.

Activities to do:

  • Taking a river cruise across Egypt's lifeblood and historic rivers.
  • Visiting the amazing historical and archaeological sites along the banks of the Nile.
  • Learning about the Nile's enormous significance, both historically and currently.
  • Capturing stunning images of the Egyptian countryside and way of life in the villages.
  • Traveling between places means sampling various, excellent Egyptian cuisine.
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