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The Queensland Maritime Museum is a captivating and enriching institution located in the beautiful city of Brisbane. Nestled along the banks of the Brisbane River, the museum occupies the historic South Brisbane Dry Dock, a significant heritage site in its own right. The location adds to the immersive experience, as you can witness firsthand the remnants of Queensland's maritime past while exploring the museum's exhibits.

The museum boasts a diverse range of maritime artifacts and displays that highlight Queensland's seafaring history. From large-scale vessels to intricate models, each exhibit showcases the profound impact of maritime activities on the state's development. Visitors can marvel at the grandeur of historical ships, including the iconic HMAS Diamantina, a World War II frigate that now serves as the centerpiece of the museum's collection.

How to explore Queensland Maritime Museum?

- Step aboard the HMAS Diamantina, a World War II frigate, and experience life on a naval vessel.

- Admire the grandeur of historical ships and learn about their significance in Queensland's maritime history.

- Discover navigation instruments, diving equipment, shipwreck relics, and maritime art.

- Attend temporary displays and special exhibitions that delve into specific aspects of maritime history.

- Take part in educational programs, interactive activities, and guided tours for a deeper understanding of maritime heritage.

- Enjoy scenic views of the Brisbane River from the museum's location along its banks.

- Capture memorable photos of the ships, exhibits, and picturesque surroundings.

- Learn about the courageous sailors and explorers who shaped Queensland's maritime past.

- Immerse yourself in the maritime atmosphere and appreciate the dedication and skill required in seafaring.

- Visit the museum's gift shop and bring home maritime-themed souvenirs or books to continue your exploration of maritime history.

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Address of Queensland Maritime Museum

Southbank (near the Goodwill Bridge), Brisbane, Queensland 4101 Australia

Opening & Closing time of Queensland Maritime Museum

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