Lumphini Park


Nestled in the heart of Bangkok, Lumphini Park is an urban oasis that offers a serene escape from the bustling city. Boasting lush greenery, tranquil lakes, and recreational spaces, this park provides a perfect retreat for locals and visitors seeking a peaceful respite.


Established in the 1920s by King Rama VI, Lumphini Park was inspired by New York City's Central Park. Named after Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha in Nepal, the park was initially intended to be a green lung for the city and a venue for cultural and recreational activities.

Things to do:

- Relax and Picnic: Enjoy the peaceful ambiance by lounging on the grassy lawns, ideal for a leisurely picnic or reading a book.

- Boating: Rent a boat and paddle across the park's serene lakes, taking in the scenic views.

- Exercise: Lumphini Park is a popular spot for outdoor exercise. Join the locals for a jog, tai chi, or aerobics in the designated areas.

- Wildlife Watching: The park is home to monitor lizards, turtles, and various bird species, providing an opportunity for wildlife observation.

How to Explore:

The park is easily accessible by public transportation, including the MRT subway system. Once inside, walking or renting a bicycle are great ways to explore the park's vast grounds.

Timings and Tickets:

Lumphini Park is open daily from early morning until late evening. Entrance to the park is free of charge, making it a budget-friendly destination for all.


As mentioned, there is no entrance fee for Lumphini Park. However, some activities within the park, such as boat rentals, may have associated costs.


1. Comfortable Attire: Wear comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for walking or engaging in outdoor activities.

2. Hydration: Bring water to stay hydrated, especially during warm weather.

3. Sun Protection: Apply sunscreen and consider bringing a hat to shield yourself from the sun.

4. Respect Wildlife: While observing wildlife, maintain a respectful distance and avoid feeding them.


Lumphini Park stands as a tranquil haven in the midst of Bangkok's urban chaos. Whether you seek relaxation, exercise, or a connection with nature, the park offers a diverse range of activities for everyone.


Q: Are there any organized events or performances in Lumphini Park?

A: Yes, Lumphini Park often hosts cultural events, concerts, and outdoor performances.

Q: Can I rent bicycles inside the park?

A: Yes, bicycle rentals are available within the park, providing a convenient and enjoyable way to explore its expansive grounds.

Q: Is Lumphini Park safe for solo visitors, especially in the evenings?

A: Yes, Lumphini Park is generally safe for solo visitors. However, it's advisable to exercise caution, adhere to park rules, and avoid isolated areas after dark.

  • imageDuration Required
    4 hours

Address of Lumphini Park

192 Wireless Road Lumphini Pathum Wan Bangkok 10330 Thailand

Opening & Closing time of Lumphini Park

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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