Soami Bagh

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The earthly remains of Shri Shiv Dayal Singh, also known as Huzur Soamiji Maharaj, are located in Soami Bagh Samadhi, situated outside of Agra. This highly regarded religious place is frequently visited by faithful followers and is known for being where Radhasoami Faith may be found. This structure began in 1908, although there have been a few additions. Unique marble and stone carvings cover the walls of this structure.

It is thought that the temple, which towers majestically with a 110-foot height construction, was built in 1861. Soami Bagh was once owned by Soamiji Maharaj, who used it for spiritual rituals. Later, Soami Bagh was transformed into Soamiji Maharaj's Samadh. The Bhajan Ghar, next to the mausoleum, is where Soamiji Maharaj performed spiritual exercises while alive. It also hosts satsang once a day. Learn about the widely held view in your community that because perfect religious peace is not achievable, the temple will always be incomplete. Spend some time admiring the elaborate masonry work and palace-like beauty of the whitewashed marble. It has columns, balustrades, rows of arches, and intricate capitals. The floral carvings and pietra dura, which is the use of polished stones placed together to make a picture, are frequent themes. The main structure, which is topped by four tall minarets, is accessed through a ceremonial stairway.

Look for Huzur Swamiji Maharaj and his wife's mausoleum inside the temple. Arrive early to observe the arrival of followers for the satsang, a discourse based on the poetry of the Indian saint Kabir from the 15th century. An impressive building was designed and constructed in the Hindu architectural style. Some think this temple was constructed to compete with the Taj Mahal. One of the monument's main draws for visitors is its stone carvings, made of marble blended or tinted. The tomb's marble adds to its stunning aspect, making it an exceptional monument in India. Once per day, satsang is held in the bottom part of the Samadh. The Bhajan Gar, where Soamiji Maharajper established the spiritual practises, is right next to the Samadh, and satsang is also given there once a day. The residence of Babuji Maharaj, where Satsang is held twice daily, is also located on the grounds of Soami Bagh. Even today, Babuji Maharaj's descendants still reside here. The modest rooms where Sant Das lived and worked are close to Babuji's home and the entrance gate. When Nirmal Das retired from public service, he came to dwell here too. Other structures house the kitchens needed for the Bhandara festivities hosted at Soami Bagh numerous times a year. Satsangis from all over the world attends these celebrations, which honour the passing of the previous Sant Sat Gurus. There are additional dormitories for Satsangi Visitors and administrative facilities for the Central Administrative Council and the Radhasoami Trust. The houses of Soamiji Maharaj and Huzur Maharaj, as well as their respective Samadhs, are located in Agra.

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Poiya Ghat Rd, Agra 282005 India

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