The Rathaus is one of the highest and most spectacular buildings in Vienna that is not a modern office or apartment block. The towers have a commanding view of the city square and park adjacent to Vienna's Ringstrassen avenue. 

The Rathaus in Vienna is where several important government offices and organizations, like the city library, are located because Vienna is both a city and a province. In total, there are about 2000 glass panes in the building's nearly 1500 rooms. The building's 1575 rooms house the administrative offices of the city council, regional parliament, regional administration, and several local authorities. 

Valuable modern works of art, donated by companies, have been displayed in the Rathaus windows as part of a charity project for several years. The ultimate result of this act was that this place is now a massive, elegant, physical art exhibition. 

The neo-Gothic style was chosen as its architecture because it was popular at the time and served the same purpose—making a structure appear older than it actually is. 

How to explore Rathaus?

  • The lengthy facade is frequently used as a standalone attraction, for example, by serving as a gallery for temporary art displays. Check out the stunning displays of art here. 
  • In the grand ballrooms, people celebrate important cultural events like the opening of the Vienna Festival and the Life Ball. Make sure to be a part of this city's cultural events to bask in the glory of Austrian culture. 
  • Check out the town hall guard, a specialized unit of the Vienna fire department that is stationed there. 
  • The Rathausplatz plaza in front of the structure is a large public space that hosts many annual events. Some of these are Vienna Christkindlmarkt or the Vienna Eistraum outdoor ice skating. Participate in these massive gatherings to fully embrace the lavish nature of German culture. 
  • In the months of July and August, Rathausplatz becomes home to numerous food stalls from local eateries. Walk a few meters to the shaded and slightly calmer Rathauspark and settle on a bench to sample the wide variety of local and international cuisines. 
  • After dark (about 21:00 o'clock), there is a giant screen in front of the town hall where you may view recorded performances of opera or concerts. 
  • The Burgtheater in Vienna is Austria's national theater and is directly across from the Rathaus. Several plays here are only performed in German, but you can enjoy them if you know the language.
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Address of Rathaus

Friedrich-Schmidt-Platz 1, 1010 Vienna, Austria

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