The world's greatest collection of Egon Schiele paintings can be seen in the Leopold Museum, one of Vienna's most prestigious art institutions. Dr. Rudolf Leopold, an Austrian art collector, formed a private foundation to house his collection, which is now on display in this publicly funded museum. 

For the first time in 1994, Rudolf Leopold brought together his collection of almost five decades worth of artwork. Fine works of art, crafts, and furnishings from the Wiener era are also on display. You will be able to better understand the foundations of Austrian culture and history through this museum's exhibits. This muso is a meeting place for architecture and the arts.

How to explore the Leopold Museum? 

  • Leopold Museum is a cube of white limestone that stands in stark contrast to the surrounding imperial stables. Admire the beauty of exquisite white limestone. 
  • From the upper to lower half of the façade of the Leopold Museum, a series of windows were created that cascaded glorious blue light in tiny rows. Let this blue light fall on you for you to admire its intensity more. 
  • Since the rooms in the basement hardly get natural light, they are typically reserved for graphic art or contemporary art exhibitions. Check out these displays because they are stunning representations of gothic art. 
  • Views of Vienna's Maria Theresien-Platz and the Imperial Palace may be seen from the museum's panoramic windows. 
  • The entry fee is to be paid in advance for the museum to allow you to spend as much time as you like looking at the paintings of Gustav Klimt, Oskar Kokoschka, and Richard Gerstl. 
  • You get to take your sweet time to enjoy the museum's Impressionist, Wiener Moderne, and Jugendstil displays. 
  • Explore the world's largest Egon Schiele art collection in this museum. 
  • Sculptures from Africa and the Pacific are another emphasis of the collection. Many Classical and Modernist art practitioners looked to such things as a source of creative motivation.
  • imageDuration Required
    2 hours

Address of Leopold Museum

Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna, Austria

Opening & Closing time of Leopold Museum

  • Monday
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  • Saturday
  • Sunday