The Heavenly Cathedral

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The Heavenly Cathedral is a Coptic cathedral perched on a hilltop where you can see St. John's vision of the end of the world. The cathedral's twin rectangular towers, completed in 2010, dominate the landscape with their graceful design. The church's ceiling and walls are painted in exquisite detail, depicting scenes from the Bible and the lives of the saints in vivid detail. Frescoes and murals took two years and a crew of 19 people to complete. Massive stained-glass windows stand out at this location, too.


Understand the historical value of ye sight: It was completed in 2010 and immediately became one of the top 10 most beautiful churches in the world thanks to its stunning religious murals and frescoes depicting biblical stories like 'The Creation' and 'The Exodus.' The cathedral took just two years to construct and can be found in the Hay el Noor neighborhood, close to the twin minarets of the El Mustafa mosque. St. John's vision of the end of the world, which hangs ominously above you, will astound and horrify you.

Unlock Architectural delights that are unanimously appreciated: Egypt may be known for its Muslim majority, but it also has a rich Christian history, especially with regard to the Coptic Church. One architectural marvel that would impress even the most dedicated churchgoer is the Heavenly Cathedral, which is a magnificent, ornate, and imposing testament to this heritage. The exterior of the building is certainly impressive, but it is the building's interior that truly takes the cake. The entrance is as breathtaking as anything in Vatican City, with hundreds of beautiful frescoes and paintings, shining light fixtures, and beautiful moldings. A must-see for those interested in unusual building designs.

Embrace the natural and man made beauty here:

There's a lovely garden for you to sit in and relax, and the place is filled with decorations and paintings that stand out thanks to the exquisite details that reveal many fascinating stories.

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Hay El Nour, Sharm El Sheikh Egypt

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