Las Duenas Palace

One of the most well-known sites in the city to learn about the royal lifestyle of Seville is the Palacio Las Dueas, the home of the Dukes of Alba. The palace consists of a variety of buildings and courtyards in addition to a classic Andalusian patio. The palace is mostly made up of large open spaces, highlighting its overall beauty.

It was constructed in Seville in the 15th century and exhibits a stunning fusion of Gothic-Mudéjar and Renaissance design. The palace's wall tiles, roof tiles, bricks, paint, and ceramics all exhibit the distinctive Seville design, as does the main altar in the chapel. The Duchy of Alba's coat of arms, which is on display at the palace's entrance, is another attraction.

A sizable collection of artworks, including pieces of furniture, statues, and paintings from the 15th to the 20th centuries, is also kept at the Palacio Las Dueas. The most priceless artifacts in the palace, including paintings by Bassano (Los Cacharreros), Francesco Furini (The Creation of Eva), and a Virgin by Neri di Bicci, attract visitors to the Casa Palacio de las Dueas. It is one of Seville's top tourist destinations due to its historical importance, architectural importance, and significant archaeological collection.

The Garden and The Chapel:

The palace's traditional Moorish garden is divided into four sections and has nine fountains, one of which is in the middle, along with tiled walls. The palace courtyard, which is surrounded by white marble columns, is located behind the garden. A chapel from the 15th century is also located inside the palace and is accessed through the west-side arch. The fundamental feature of Sevillian ceramics art from the sixteenth century is seen in the abundance of metallic-reflecting tiles that make up its main altar.


Visit Palacio de las Duenas from the 15th century to admire the magnificent fusion of Renaissance and Gothic-Mudejar architecture.

Explore the palace's gardens, patios, lovely chambers, and arcaded courtyard to learn about its lengthy history and get a sense of how it would have seemed in the past.

Admire the works produced by the artists of the period as you peruse the large collection of works from the 15th to the 20th century, which includes sculptures, paintings, furniture, etc.

Marvel at the Palacio de Las Dueas' archaeological collection, which features marble statues of notable Roman emperors and deities.

Discover the five hundred years of history of the Andalusian capital by taking a guided cultural tour of the magnificent Sevillian palace house, which has been named an Asset of Cultural Interest.

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Address of Las Duenas Palace

Calle Duenas 5, 41003 Seville Spain

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