Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist

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One of the few Roman Catholic churches, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, is situated on Fira, the island of Santorini's capital. The cathedral was devastated by an earthquake in 1956, along with the majority of the island's structures. It was rebuilt and made public again in 1975.

The peach façade of this cathedral is embellished with blue accents. The structure contains a large bell tower that doubles as a clock tower. Saints' and blessed's portraits stand on the pillars of the church.


The Apostolic Order of Jesuits constructed this cathedral in the seventeenth century. They were pastors whose job was to convert the island to Catholicism. Santorini was interestingly located along the Crusades' route. Since the original structure was practically leveled by the earthquake in 1956, not much of it remains now. In 1975, it was reopened after renovation.


The Cathedral is renowned for its stunning stained glass windows, 18th-century furnishings, and sandstone construction. Its design has been compared to the ideal union of Catholic and Greek architecture. Don't forget to glance up since there are beautiful ceiling paintings that will catch your attention.

The Cathedral contains three altars that are encircled by several works of religious art. The ceilings are hung with elaborate chandeliers. The outer dome is painted a light orange and white tint, while the inner dome ceiling is Mediterranean blue. The hues contrast with the conventional Greek Orthodox churches' blue and white hues.

There is also a bell tower on the property that holds a working clock. The Cathedral's exterior is made up of stone stairways and walkways. To see its splendor, one must ascend stairs because it is perched on a rock.

The Cathedral offers stunning views of the seaside and Fira's Catholic neighborhood's central square. Regardless of your religious identity, visitors have noted that although it is neither old nor large, it is inspiring and encourages prayerful thought.

Getting Married at Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist:

If you're Catholic and want to get married in Santorini, think about having the ceremony there! Santorini is a popular honeymoon location, and the Cathedral is a must-see there because of its arched pathways and inspirational themes about marriage. It can occasionally be packed because it is adjacent to tourist attractions and shopping centers. The sign stating that God has free Wi-Fi and the pleasant temperature/air conditioning show how much effort the priests at the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist go to make everyone feel welcome and at ease.

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Address of Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist

Agiou Ioannou, Santorini, Greece

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Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist