Akrotiri Lighthouse

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Despite the abundance of sights that Santorini has to offer, there is one place in particular that combines history, breathtaking natural beauty, romance, and charm. The Santorini lighthouse is a great place for anyone looking to tour the island because it provides some stunning views of the sea, the distinctive white-washed villages, and the Minoan civilization's remains. A stunning backdrop for an exciting excursion may be found at the Santorini lighthouse, which is a must-see location.

Hiking might not be the best option due to the high temperatures, especially during the peak of the summer. Additionally, it's vital to note that buses make their final stop at Akrotiri village for those who want to get to the lighthouse via public transportation. A bicycle can be used to go to the lighthouse as well. Mountain bike routes that have been specifically created are the best for this expedition if you want an adrenaline rush.

Interesting Facts

The ancient Minoan settlement's ruins, which date back to 4,000 B.C., are the inspiration for the name of the Akrotiri lighthouse. Visitors to these remains can take in breathtaking views of the ancient city because they are near to the lighthouse. A French trading business built the lighthouse in 1892, and for the first 100 years of its existence, oil served as the primary source of electricity.

During that time, the lighthouse was manually maintained and run by a person. The lighthouse was wired for electricity in 1983, one hundred years after it was constructed. Visitors may see a modest structure right adjacent to the lighthouse that once served as the residence of the person responsible for maintaining it during its first few years of operation. This iconic lighthouse is still in full-service today, flashing its lights over the water every ten seconds.

Best Things To Do

It is significant to note that entry to the lighthouse is forbidden. The Greek navy's approved personnel are the only ones who are permitted entry. However, the area is great for plenty of different activities and is a very well-liked spot in Santorini. Around the lighthouse, there are pathways for bicycling and hiking so that visitors can experience the best of nature.

Visitors can also take in breathtaking views of the sea and watch a wonderful, beautiful, and colorful sunset thanks to the lighthouse's location on a sharp cliff. The ancient Minoan settlement's remains are the ideal choice for anyone looking for some interesting sightseeing.

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Akrotiri village, Santorini, Greece

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