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The USS Midway Museum is a maritime museum in San Diego, California, USA. The museum is centered around the aircraft carrier USS Midway, which served in the United States Navy from 1945 until 1992.

The USS Midway was commissioned just after World War II and was active in various conflicts, including the Vietnam War and Operation Desert Storm. The museum features over 60 exhibits and displays that showcase the ship's history and the lives of the sailors who served aboard her.

The museum offers a variety of tours and experiences, including self-guided audio tours, docent-led tours, and even the opportunity to fly a simulator of an F-18 fighter jet. USS Midway Museum offers a unique and educational experience for visitors interested in the history of the United States Navy and the aircraft carriers that played a vital role in American military history.

How to explore the USS Midway Museum?

  • Explore the Ship: One of the main attractions at the museum is the opportunity to explore the aircraft carrier itself. Visitors can wander through the ship's various decks and compartments, including the engine room, flight deck, mess hall, and sleeping quarters.
  • Aircraft Displays: The museum has a vast collection of aircraft on display, including planes like the F-14 Tomcat, F-18 Hornet, and A-7 Corsair II. You can get close to the aircraft and learn about their history and capabilities.
  • Flight Simulators: The museum offers several flight simulators, including an F-18 Hornet simulator and a virtual reality experience that allows visitors to experience what it's like to take off and land on an aircraft carrier.
  • Interactive Exhibits: The museum has several interactive exhibits that allow visitors to experience what it's like to live and work on an aircraft carrier. These exhibits include simulated landings and takeoffs, a flight deck control simulator, and a navigation simulator.
  • Gift Shop: The museum's gift shop offers many souvenirs and gifts, including model planes, hats, t-shirts, and other Navy-related memorabilia.

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Address of USS Midway Museum

910 N Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101-5811

Opening & Closing time of USS Midway Museum

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