Victory Park

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A grandiose tribute to Russian victory in World War II is Victory Park. Its features are devoted largely to particular wartime incidents. Walk around the grounds and consider each historical moment. The Great Patriotic War Museum, located in Victory Park, is a great venue to learn about the background of Russia's involvement in World War II. A lengthy avenue with fountains surrounds the museum and is lit up in red at night to symbolize the blood spilled during the ongoing wars.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the conclusion of World War II, the park opened in 1995. Keep in mind that it has historical significance independent of the war. Napoleon may have waited at Victory Park to obtain the keys to Moscow without realizing that the Russians were destroying the city rather than submitting.

Visit the park and check out Years of War. Five promenades make up this walking path, one representing each year that Russia participated in the conflict. Take note of the park's numerous water features as you explore. To commemorate the 1,418 days that Russia took part in the conflict, look for fountains. Look for the statue in Victor's Place as you stroll through the park. This triangular obelisk is 150 meters (490 feet) tall, and on top of it lies a figure of Nike, the goddess of victory in ancient Greece.

Visit the Museum of the Great Patriotic War to learn more about Russia's participation in World War II. The view displayed here details the significant wartime activities Russia participated in, including the Nazi attack on Moscow and the Soviet forces' capture of Berlin. Save some time to visit the Hall of Sorrow, which is ornamented with glass pieces shaped like tears in memory of the war dead.

Go back outside to examine some of the wartime vehicles, including some enormous tanks. These historical replicas are now much quieter and can be seen by interested visitors in Victory Park.

On May 9, Victory Day, visit the park to take in the festive atmosphere as Moscowers celebrate the important day on these iconic grounds. Even people from the general public and former military who were present during this turbulent time might be seen.

Take the Metro to Park Pobedy metro stop to reach Victory Park. There is a cost to enter the museum. On Mondays and the last Thursday of every month, the park is closed.

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Bratyev Fonchenko st., 7, Moscow 121170 Russia

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