Alan S. Maltz Gallery

The Alan S. Maltz Gallery is an exquisite art gallery located in the very core of Key West, Florida. This renowned gallery is known for its splendid fine art photography collection, which captures the vitality of the natural world in a really unique and captivating way.

Alan S. Maltz, a prominent artist, and photographer who has been crafting truly remarkable photographic works of art for over 30 years, owns and operates the gallery. Maltz's art is known for transiting viewers to another time and place, creating strong emotions, and capturing the beauty and wonderment of nature.

The Alan S. Maltz Gallery is unquestionably a must-see site for anyone who adores art or simply appreciates the natural splendor of the world around us. Everything about this gallery is meant to inspire and delight, from the carefully curated displays to the pleasant and informed personnel.

How to explore Alan S. Maltz Gallery?

  • View the exquisite fine art photography on display, which includes awe-inspiring landscapes, seascapes, and wildlife portraits by world-famous photographer Alan S. Maltz.
  • Attend one of the gallery's special events or exhibitions, which puts a spotlight on the work of rising artists, examines specific artistic themes or subjects, or provides a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the artwork and the creative process.
  • To bring an instance of the natural world into your home or business, buy a print of your favorite photograph or order a customized item from Alan S. Maltz himself.
  • Indulge in a photography class or educational program where you may learn from the pro himself the techniques and ideas behind making spectacular photographic works of art.
  • imageDuration Required
    3 hours

Address of Alan S. Maltz Gallery

1210 Duval Street, Key West, FL 33040-3130

Opening & Closing time of Alan S. Maltz Gallery

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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