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Located in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan's Saddar Town neighborhood, is a market known as Empress Market. It was built between 1884 and 1889 and was named after the then-Empress of India, Queen Victoria. The structure included a courtyard that was 130 feet by 100 feet, and it had four galleries that were 46 feet wide. 280 stores and stall owners were housed in the galleries, making it one of seven marketplaces in Karachi when it was built. The market's massive, robust gates significantly increased the area's security. The building's design is one of a kind thanks to its blend of Roman and Indian influences. Today the area is one of Karachi's busiest and most well-known retail destinations. The heart of Empress market is the colonial-era edifice that has become an instant landmark. One of Karachi's busiest and oldest markets has stood the test of time. What to see at Empress Market?

- The main Tower is 140 feet tall and features a clock with four iron skeleton dials that are 6 feet in diameter. Check out the ancient touch to it by standing right in front of it. You may buy just about anything at Empress Market, from spices and sauces to fresh produce, meat, and even pets, as well as paper goods, clothing, and a variety of knickknacks. Do not stop till you have bought everything in here. - The empress market pet shop is still the area's most exciting attraction. Animal Market here is one of the largest pet marketplaces in the city, and it can be found right in the heart of Empress Market. - In the heart of Karachi's Empress Market, you will find another retail mall: the Rainbow Center. If you are looking for video entertainment in Pakistan, this is one of the most well-known hubs in the country. It is the center of the world's largest video-piracy market. It also boasts the largest selection of DVD and CD stores in the area. - Jahangir Area, a recreational park, is also close by. Kids are welcome to use this park for entertainment and fun.

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Address of Empress Market

Sadar, Karachi, Pakistan