Jabal Al Qahar

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Jebel Qahar, a compact range of mountains with beautiful peaks that rise 2,000 meters above sea level, is situated about 80 kilometers northeast of Jazan City. The gorgeous valley below, Wadi Lajab, the crown jewel of Jazan Province, attracts tourists to this spot close to Saudi Arabia's border with Yemen, not just the preserved green massif with soft peaks. The moniker 'frustration mountain' came from the numerous unsuccessful attempts to scale the rocks. No one has managed to do so to this day. The name is inaccurate because once you get there, you won't ever become frustrated. You don't need to exert yourself by going on so much climbing, hiking, and trekking. Simply stand or sit on a carpet and have a look around.

Visitors are greeted at the valley's tight entry by an expansive stretch of lush foliage, charming fauna, little waterfalls, streams, boulders, and freshwater ponds with fish. Discover the region while protected from the sun by towering trees including gigantic palms that exceed 30 meters in height.

Enjoy your tea, coffee, or other hot or cold beverages while gazing at the vertical, flaky-shaped rocks that lie beneath the ravines and cliffs and listening to the birds as they glide, sing, and fly. Return to a time when life was easy, enjoyable, and free from the bustle of the constricting city. Spend some time alone and look for the missing links that join the spirit of nature and the human soul.

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    2 hours 30 minutes

Address of Jabal Al Qahar

Al-Raith Governorate, northeast of Jazan, about 130 km south of the Kingdom

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