Fayfa Mountains

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The Fayfa Mountains, also known as Jebel Feyfa, Fayfa, or Faifa, are one of Saudi Arabia's most stunning natural landscapes, located about 60 kilometers from the Red Sea and about 100 kilometers from Jazan. It is not difficult to see why the place is affectionately known by locals as 'Neighbor of the Moon,' 'The Hanging Gardens of Saudi Arabia,' and 'Heavens of the Earth.' The gorgeous green terraces in the highlands, which rise 2,600 meters above sea level, were built years ago to bring cultivation to this fertile but treacherous land.

Each year, almost a million people visit Fayfa's hanging terraces to take in the lush surroundings, the breathtaking peaks, and the culturally rich slopes. Fayfa is recognized for producing highly sought-after honey and is also home to a vast range of flowers, food, plants, and herbs thanks to its beautiful setting. Cocoa, coffee, soursop, maize, pomegranates, tamarind, and guava are a few of the agricultural products that are produced in the area.

Additionally, lovely homes, many of which have a distinctive architectural style in the form of cylinders, may be seen on Fayfa's renowned terraced hills. It also has Jazan's biggest museum, which is housed in a castle high in the mountains. According to reports, the museum has a substantial collection of bandoliers, fire lights, tools, ropes, and carrying bags.

Fayfa is famous for its eclectic legacy, rich with over 20 clans, each with its poetry, folklore, art, stories, and more. It is also full of beautiful green terraces and architecture. It also provides views of numerous buildings built to defend the region from invaders, including old strongholds.

The Village:

Unique to this area are the cylindrical mountain homes seen in the village of Fayfa. Every house in the neighborhood has a nickname that the people use to refer to it and its owner. In addition, the residents speak a distinctive dialect that originated from ancient literature Arabic under the influence of Himyarite. The village's warm year-round climate makes it the perfect location for agriculture, the primary source of income for the residents.


For people of all ages and professions, Fayfa offers a wide variety of activities. Fayfa will provide you with a soothing experience if you want to tour resorts, shopping centers, restaurants, and spas while you're on vacation. For a tranquil and pleasant experience, visit the tranquil Mntzh Qrd tourist attraction and recreation area. In the Fayfa mountain range, which towers over the lovely, verdant fields and farms, Al-Absiyya is the mountain's highest point.

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Address of Fayfa Mountains

Northeast of Jizan, 100 km away from Jizan, Saudi Arabia

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