Carrera del Darro

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The Carrera del Darro, which runs from the Paseo de Los Tristes to the Plaza Nueva, is widely regarded as one of the most picturesque areas in all of Granada. All aspects of history, architecture, and the natural world have been incorporated here.


A walk along the Carrera del Darro would be lovely:

Carrera del Darro is regarded as one of the most attractive areas of Granada by both the foreign visitors who come to the city on a yearly basis as well as the citizens who live there. The river's flow is slowed down in this section, which encourages the growth of shrubs and bushes that are relatively low to the ground.

Consider the long withstanding history of bridges here:

Only four of the original thirteen bridges that crossed the Darro River in Granada have been preserved today. Brick and stonework construction can be found on two of them, the Cabrera and the Espinosa, both of which are found on the well-known Carrera del Darro.

Admire the beauty of the concrete structures paved along the way:

In addition, the Carrera del Darro is home to buildings that date back to the 16th century, as well as small convents, houses designed in the style of Arab architecture, and tourist attractions such as El Bauelo and the Church of Santa Ana. This street is also one of the best places in Granada to shop for mementos to take home with you.

Spend some time wondering about in the neighborhood of Paseo de Los Tristes:

Although its official name is Paseo del Padre Manjon, this thoroughfare is also known as Paseo de Los Tristes (which literally translates to 'Street of the Sad').

This picturesque avenue that runs parallel to the Darro River is located in a part of town that exudes an air of bohemian romance. The Archaeological Museum of Granada is located in the Casa de Castril, which is located in the Paseo de Los Tristes. Also located in the Paseo de Los Tristes is a fountain that dates back to the 16th century and a sculpture of the dancer Mario Maya.

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