Reserva Natural Especial de Las Dunas de Maspalomas

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Desert and oasis in Gran Canaria's southern region is a location that is quite distinctive to the Canarian Archipelago, located in the south of Gran Canaria, not only for its size but also because it is unique to the island.

These 400 acres include a magnificent beach, a cape of naturally occurring living dunes, an oasis on the coast, and, why not, local hotels like Dunas Hotels & Resorts.

Las Dunas de Maspalomas is a unique natural area on the Canary Islands because of its beauty and the variety of ecosystems it supports. Its 400 acres include a superb beach, a field of live opal dunes, a palm tree forest, and a salobre lake.

It is protected as a special natural reserve by the Canarian government.

Visit the information centre and the observation deck at the Hotel Riu Palace:

learn more about this natural area. The Maspalomas dunes were created thousands of years ago as a result of tattered organisms that the wind dispersed over a wide area. Many people compare this area to a desert, but with the important distinction that it has a sea and a commercial walkway.

A pathway with ramal number 3 departs from there and travels through the many types of dunes in the reserve until it reaches Maspalomas' expansive and deserted playa.

From there, one can travel to observe the abundant, unspoiled life of the Charca and take in the Palmeral's refreshing shadow.

Consider a staycation in the middle of this unrivalled beauty:

A few days at Dunas Hotels & Resorts are definitely recommended whether you are on the island or have planned to be there soon. We even went so far as to say that it is a must-see if you are travelling to the southern part of Gran Canaria. You know that it's one of Europe's most popular coastlines, right?

Study the vegetation and animal species that are protected, many of which are endemic, and only known to this region:

The largest resident of this desert region is Gran Canaria's Lagarto Giant. Their suns vary in shape and direction according to the prevailing winds (este y sureste). It is a subject of great scientific interest since its distinctive geomorphic components add to the landscape's uniqueness.

Embrace nature preserved without a touch of alteration:

In 1087, it was designated as a protected area and later became one of the national parks of interest. It was 1994 that a Special Natural Reserve was established. Not only are the Dunas exclusive, but the area around them is also regarded as having high ecological awareness.

This designation's justification was 'the preservation of key ecological processes connected to the dunal ecosystem and the lacustrine region of the Charca de Maspalomas.'

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Reserva Natural Especial de Las Dunas de Maspalomas

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