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Did you know that Puerto Rico is one of the locations in Europe that draws the greatest number of people who refuse to give in? Did we say obstinate?

Those individuals come to mind who are resolved to sunbathe even in the middle of December, those who are determined to witness the first light of day with the sea at the foot of the bed, and those who are determined to watch the sea enter through the window as they prepare coffee each morning. There is not a single person in Puerto Rico who would choose to miss out on the ocean view.

Behave like a couple enjoying the warm waters of Puerto Rico:

There are people who are dead set on spending the entire day in Puerto Rico dressed for swimming around the clock, going to bed whenever they want and forgetting their first world Problems.

You can put all of this down to the wonderful weather that can be experienced in Puerto Rico for the vast majority of the calendar year.

Make the most of the amazing shoreline here:

A beach that is two hundred and fifty metres long and ninety metres wide, like the one in Puerto Rico, offers a wide variety of tourism and entertainment options that are on par with those offered by the greatest locations in the Canary Islands. The vast majority of the resorts and residences were constructed on the slopes of the hills that faced the ocean.

Take sailing lessons here:

This beach's sailing opportunities are one of the distinctive features that contribute to its well-deserved reputation. The big marina in Puerto Rico, which is located right next to the shore, serves as the mooring location for hundreds of sailboats, fishing boats, and yachts. The summer sailing school is one of the most important institutions on the island, and it is there that hundreds of children are instructed on how to enter the exciting world of sailing each and every year.

Make use of facilities at your disposal:

Its wonderful promenade that runs around the inside edge of the beach offers a wide selection of facilities that guests may take advantage of throughout their time there. We can find the greatest local and international cuisine, beverages, and shops, where you will find everything you need to have a fantastic day basking in the sun at one of Puerto Rico's beaches, including umbrellas, hats, towels, fans, sunscreen, and other items.

Soak in some Vitamin D here:

There is a gentle sun that seems to never leave this small valley in the south of Gran Canaria, its beach, or the apartments and hotels that are spread out along the cliffs.

This gentle sun that beams overhead throughout the entire year (winter, summer, vacations, it doesn't matter!). The same gentle sun that has made the little beach of Puerto Rico and its neighbouring beach of Amadores into one of the places in all of Spain with the best weather is responsible for making these two beaches.

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Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain

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