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In the southern part of Gran Canaria, in the centre of one of the most popular stretches of shoreline in Europe, sits the Maspalomas Lighthouse.

Maspalomas is not just renowned for its vast stretch of adjacent to the sea sand dunes or its pleasant climate. It is particularly well-known for its historic Lighthouse, which witnessed the arrival of the first tourists and the development of the region into a vacation destination.

It is now at the beginning of a bustling promenade area with a wide variety of eateries and gift shops. It is the ideal location to shop, unwind after a day at the beach, go out to eat, or simply have a drink by the expansive coastline.

Consider a staycation here:

Maspaloma provides a large selection of hotels and residences, as well as a tonne of daytime activities and a fun nightlife close to the beaches.

On a beach with peaceful, secluded spaces for walkers, surfers all mix freely:

Bathers and walkers plunge into the sand to mark the beginning of the reserve. The entire region is a vast, extraordinarily valuable natural space.

Embrace the beauty of the startling lighthouse from afar:

The Maspalomas Lighthouse has been the quiet witness to thousands of days of sun, honeymoons, dips in the sea, and strolls along the promenade ever since the first travelers realized that the mild temperatures on this unending beach were not an accident.

The lengthy shadow of the Lighthouse, which is still in the same spot as always, hasn't changed either. It used to watch for vessels traveling over the Atlantic, but now it envies beachgoers in Maspalomas who get to spend their days basking in the soft sunlight.

Arrive at the Punta de Maspalomas, which connects with the Playa del Inglés, from the Lighthouse after traveling in the direction of the sand dunes along the coastline.

Explore the diversity of ecosystems at Maspalomas Natural Dune Reserve:

It is made up of three ecosystems: Palmeral, Charca, and Dunas (Palms, Pond, and Dunes), which run parallel to the sea a few metres away. Another protected natural area, Charca, is located not far from the Maspalomas Palm Tree plantation (Palmeral). Charca is located between the sea and the sand and serves as a resting place for birds traveling from Europe to Africa. Beyond this 'pond,' the vast stretch of sand dunes begins. The wind off the ocean has carved out the dunes' constantly shifting shapes.

Adopt the wholesome tradition of walking from one end to the other near the water:

Although a lot has happened since 1861, Maspalomas remains the ideal location for relaxing, enjoying the sea, or simply whiling away the hours sunbathing.

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Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain

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