Khafre's Pyramid

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Khafre's Pyramid is one of the largest and most well-known pyramids in Egypt, located on the Giza Plateau near Cairo. It was constructed as Pharaoh Khafre's tomb during the Old Kingdom period, around 2500 BCE.

The pyramid is estimated to have been 143.5 meters (471 feet) tall when it was first built, although it has since lost some of its height due to erosion and the removal of its outer casing stones.

Like other pyramids of the time, Khafre's Pyramid was built using advanced engineering techniques, including precise measurements and intricate internal chambers and passageways. Despite centuries of looting and damage, the pyramid still stands as a testament to the remarkable achievements of ancient Egyptian civilization.

How to explore Khafre's Pyramid?

- Explore the pyramid's interior: You can enter the pyramid through a narrow passageway and explore the internal chambers and corridors. It is made of limestone blocks that were quarried nearby and feature several unique architectural elements, such as the granite mortuary temple at its base, the limestone causeway that leads to the valley temple, and the massive statue of Khafre that once stood inside the mortuary temple. The pyramid's interior is dark and narrow, and you may need to crawl or stoop in some places.

- Visit the mortuary temple: The mortuary temple is located at the foot of the pyramid and was used for rituals and offerings to the pharaoh. You can see the remains of the temple's columns and statues, including the iconic statue of Khafre with a falcon perched on his head.

- Walk the causeway: The causeway is a paved walkway that connects the mortuary temple to the valley temple. It is lined with Sphinxes and provides a fascinating glimpse into the monumental architecture of ancient Egypt.

- Visit the Valley Temple: The Valley Temple is located near the Sphinx and was used for the mummification of the pharaoh's body. You can see the remains of the temple's walls and columns, as well as a large statue of Khafre.

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Address of Khafre's Pyramid

Al Haram, Giza Egypt

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