Katranci Koyu Tabiat Parki

Katranci Bay Nature Park is a must-see attraction that not only impresses visitors but also leaves them with priceless memories. If you perceive the water as an aquarium extending to the lush, you will find the green mountainsides fascinating. The Nature Park is 3 kilometers from Fethiye's center and may be reached by own vehicle or public transportation. The end road of 1.5 kilometers may be covered on foot, which takes you into the wilderness.

There are locations like buffets, restaurants, and cafés in Katranc Bay Nature Park, which can easily satisfy your everyday needs. After a long and pleasurable day, you can take advantage of the facilities provided by the establishment and savor the distinctive delicacies. In addition, it provides amenities, including power, internet access, W.C.s, showers, fountains, hot water, refrigerators, markets, and dressing cabins for tent campers. It may get crowded in Katranc Bay Nature Park, especially on weekends. Weekdays are a good option for a peaceful camping trip where you can unwind.

How to explore Katranci Koyu Tabiat Parki?

  • When you visit the area, you may set up a tent camp in addition to being mesmerized by the area's natural beauty. Set up your tent near the interior if you want to spend your camping trip exploring a forest with plenty of air. Families enjoy the area because of how tranquil and secure it is. If you choose, you can go camping and pitch a tent in a beautiful natural setting, or create a memorable moment by planning a night out under the moonlight and stargaze into the beautiful night sky.
  • There are walking routes in Nature Park's woody area where you will experience inhaling pure oxygen. You can have a relaxing journey by visiting the walking pathways during the day.
  • You can also go swimming, diving, or fishing while in an area where the water is clean.
  • You can ride a bicycle to find a rare piece of nature.
  • We advise taking a journey to explore Fethiye's historical background while you are there if you are traveling in your vehicle.
  • You can also have a BBQ in the private part of the Nature Park where you go with your family.

  • imageDuration Required
    1 hour 30 minutes

Address of Katranci Koyu Tabiat Parki

Fethiye, Turkey

Opening & Closing time of Katranci Koyu Tabiat Parki

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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