Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

The Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh (RBGE) is both a prestigious research facility and a popular tourist destination. Scottish Biodiversity, Plants & Climate Change, and Conservation are the three core interdisciplinary themes at the RBGE. As far as botanic gardens go, it is among the very best. The Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh is located just one mile from the heart of the city, and its 72 acres of beautiful surroundings provide a welcome escape. This garden is a great place for families to relax and enjoy breathtaking views of Edinburgh Castle and the city skyline. Ancient botanical garden plants that were once highly prized for their medical properties and crucial to the development of the first botanical gardens are now mostly of historical importance. The garden is home to 35,000 plants, including extensive displays of heath family members, rhododendrons, and several Asian plant families. Approximately 1.75 million dried specimens can be found in the herbarium. 

How to explore the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh? 

  • You can explore its 350-year-long history, learn about its unique plantings, and take in the breathtaking scenery of its 72 acres.
  • The tranquil Chinese Hillside, the famed Rock Garden, and the majestic Giant Redwood trees of the Woodland Garden are all available for your enjoyment. 
  • The Garden's Inverleith House is an exhibition venue where visitors can examine works of art. It showcases modern and contemporary art alongside works and specimens from the Botanics' historical collections.
  • The John Hope Gateway's Botanics Shop is great for picking up unique souvenirs, presents, arts and crafts, or even live plants for your home or garden. 
  • Witness the garden's enchanted, illuminated floral trail during Christmas. In December, you may see the beauty of celebrations unfold all around you in this garden. 
  • RBGE is also a significant educational hub because of the breadth and depth of the taught courses it provides. It is an excellent location to learn about botanics. 
  • With over 3 million specimens, the RBGE herbarium is widely regarded as the best botanical collection in the world. For a comprehensive look at the flora, peruse these specimens. 
  • Explore the RBGE Library, which is home to Scotland's definitive collection of botanical and horticultural reference materials. It houses over 70,000 volumes and 150,000 magazines, making it one of the largest in the country.
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Address of Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

20 Inverleith Row, Edinburgh EH3 5LR Scotland, United Kingdom

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