Korcula Island

Although it may surprise, Korcula is not as well-known as some of its slightly more northern counterparts, such as Brac and Hvar. Nevertheless, it is one of Croatia's most beloved islands.

 The northern shore is flatter and pebbly, while the southern coast is steep and home to quiet coves and tiny sandy beaches.

Out of all the Croatian islands, Korula offers the best cultural experiences, activities, and dining options.


Ride a bike and tour a winery:

Have you ever cycled through vineyards with waves of vivid turquoise crashing nearby? The Korula Tourism Office has put together a tour combining delicious food, beautiful scenery, and physical activity.

Investigate Korula Old Town:

The old town of Korula is compact but powerful, built up in layers like a wedding cake. It is compact and simple to navigate on foot (despite having a lot of stairs), and it is bordered by a lovely walkway that runs alongside the water and is lined with classy eateries and cafes.

Wander in a water taxi to explore the islands:

Even though Korula is an island, a few small islands are worth visiting near the coast, most notably Badija and Vrnik.

Although island tours are available, it is more affordable and convenient to purchase a hop-on hop-off water taxi ticket and spend the day exploring at your own pace. 

Check out a Moreka Sword Dance:

The place to see Croatia's distinctive sword dances is Korula if you've heard of them. This sword dance, known as a Moreka, tells the tale of two kings contending for the love of a kidnapped princess by using their armies.

Visit OPG Komparak and sample traditional honey:

OPG Komparak, a store that sells regional honey, olive oils, and other specialties like jams and preserves, was one of the stops on our bike tour.

Sage, mandarin, and forest honey are just some interesting flavors you can sample at this wonderful store.

Dine at LD Restaurant and enjoy a Michelin-starred meal

LD Restaurant is worth your time if you're looking for upscale, modern cuisine served right in the Old Town while offering a view. 

Learn windsurfing

The weather is ideal for learning to windsurf. Both Badija Island and Korula Town offer educational opportunities.

Schools like Oreb Sailing and Korula Sailing Extreme offer windsurfing lessons along with sailing, kayaking, and SUP excursions.

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Dubrovnik, Croatia

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