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Zoo Berlin is a unique institution! The widest diversity of species found in any zoo in the world, including the only giant pandas in Germany, can be found in this Zoo, which is also the oldest and most popular in the nation.

Even the entrance to the Zoo Berlin, the Elefantentor ('Elephant Gate') erected in 1899, is distinctive. Two kneeling elephants made of Elbe sandstone support two hefty columns, on top of which is a curving roof covered with golden oriental murals and inventive sculptures. It is also the oldest Zoo in Germany and is celebrating its 175th birthday, so it truly is a zoo of superlatives.

Things to do at Zoo Berlin:

  • It has a wealth of wildlife for you to learn about:

The Berlin Zoological Garden is steeped in history as the nation's first Zoo. It is situated near the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and the named train station in the western part of the city. It is the most significant collection in the world, with almost 20,000 creatures from more than 1,000 species. The Zoo is home to the largest birdhouse in Europe, a giant cat house, a hippopotamus habitat, and a nocturnal animal house.

One of the world's most diverse and fascinating animal parks, the Berlin Zoo has over 1400 species (including the aquarium). Over 80 acres are home to more than 18,600 animals. Polar bear Knut (2006–2011), a previous occupant of the Zoo, rose to fame after his birth in the enclosure.

  • Wildlife encounters will leave you spellbound:

Are you in love with majestic elephants, peaceful hippos, or cuddly meerkats? How exciting would it be to get up and personal with your favorite animal at Zoo Berlin? The zoo personnel will individually introduce themselves to you and offer their wealth of expertise. Prepare yourself to discover intriguing animal information and obtain an inside look into Zoo life, replete with the occasional surprise!

  • Sunset excursions help make the most of it:

It's a great way to conclude the day by wandering around Zoo Berlin after typical tourists have left. You may find out the answers to these and many other animal mysteries on one of our narrated evening trips.

Try out Zoo Berlin's unique puzzlehunt if you enjoy the concept of discovering the fascinating world of animals. Each group participating in the search receives an engaging and varied tour of the Zoo that includes intriguing questions, engaging activities, enjoyable picture challenges, and an unexpected animal sighting.

The results are added to the conclusion, and the winners are revealed at an awards presentation.

  • Workshop for photography:

At Zoo Berlin, photography workshops are frequently held throughout the summer. Naturally, animal photography is the main emphasis of these sessions. Participants may immediately put their newfound knowledge to use at the Zoo following a theoretical session that covers various camera settings and strategies.

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Address of Zoo Berlin

Hardenbergplatz 8, 10787 Berlin, Germany

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