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Charlottenburg Palace is now a museum that may be visited. The old summer palace is the largest palace complex in Berlin with its orangery, palace garden, and auxiliary buildings.

It has been renovated and enlarged several times throughout history, and as a result, it succinctly captures the evolution of modern style.

Things to do at the Charlottenburg Palace:

Embrace the history of the land through its vivid architecture: Berlin's Charlottenburg Palace (Schloss Charlottenburg) is the greatest remaining illustration of the Prussian rulers' enthusiasm for and mastery of architecture. The Old Palace and the New Wing make up Charlottenburg Palace, the largest and most important palace complex in Berlin built by former Brandenburg electors, Prussian monarchs, and German emperors. The Hohenzollern dynasty, which spanned seven generations, made it one of their favorite getaways, frequently remodeling the grounds and individual apartments with opulent interior design.

Explore the treasure trovers from the German world: A collection of more than 600 diamonds, riches, and priceless objects from the Hohenzollern silver chamber is displayed in two permanent displays. An elegant baroque pile with magnificent private chambers, lavishly furnished festival halls, collections of priceless china, and works by French master painters evolved from this little summer hideaway.

The palace features spectacular apartments, authentically laid out interiors and hallways, and excellent art collections of renowned treasures: Among the highlights of the exquisite Baroque showcase suites in the Old Palace, which was completed in 1700 with its crowning towers, are the Porcelain Cabinet, the Palace Chapel, and Frederick I's bedroom. The witty and art-loving Queen Sophia Charlotte and her husband Frederick I commissioned the building of this principal edifice for the expansive royal complex. 

  • Other attractions: 

Porcelain Cabinet: The Porcelain Cabinet is a stunning example of the 18th-century Chinoiserie style, which was quite well-liked at the time. Only 2,700 pieces of the porcelain collection still exist after WWII, which severely destroyed it.

  • Gallery of Gold:

The New Wing of the palace is home to the magnificent rococo ballroom known as The Golden Gallery. It's been beautifully repaired, and precious porcelain pieces and other artifacts are displayed in glass cases throughout the place.

  • Renaissance Parade Rooms:

The parade halls in Charlottenburg Palace are stunning. The monarch and queen would have had public audiences and handled official business. These rooms are the most luxurious in the entire palace as a result.

  • Mausoleum:

The tomb is on the royal grounds, next to the garden. King Friedrich Wilhelm III constructed it for his late wife, Queen Louise, who passed away at age 34.

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Address of Charlottenburg Palace

Spandauer Damm 20-24 Luisenplatz, 14059 Berlin, Germany

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