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The biggest mosque in Lebanon is the Mohammad Al Amin Mosque, often known as the Blue Mosque. On the current location of the mosque on Martyrs Square, a Zawiya, a prayer area named for Sheik Abu Nasr al-Yafi, was constructed in the 19th century.

It was decided to build a mosque in place of the prayer spot in the 1950s. Due to a shortage of funding, there were numerous delays. In 2002, the foundation was finally placed following a gift from the late prime minister Rafic Hariri. 11,000 square meters make up the mosque.

The four minarets of the blue dome each stand 65 meters tall, and the blue dome itself is 48 meters high. Its design is comparable to that of Istanbul's Sultan Ahmed Mosque. There are numerous domes in the mosque. The term Blue Mosque comes from the light blue tiles that cover each dome. High arches can be found, some of which rise several floors. Azmi Fakhuri and Oger Liban were the architects Hariri selected.

Yellow Riyadh Stone makes up the majority of the building's stone material. Much of the outside decoration was assisted by Hariri. Due to the dome's encircling square windows, the inside is well-lit during the day. In front of the mihrab, which points in the general direction of Mecca, is a large chandelier.

The chandelier significantly increases the amount of light within the dome. The sound of the Azan, the call to prayer, is spread more widely due to the height of the minarets. The mosque's exterior is covered in what Lebanese architects affectionately refer to as Beiruti yellow sandstone, even though the stone was quarried in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and transported to Beirut from there.

The mosque's massive central dome is covered in light blue tiles.

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Martyrs' Square, Amir Bachir, Beirut, Lebanon

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