Temple of Athena Nike

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This temple is significant because it was constructed in honor of Athena Nike, a goddess of victory. Although it is one of the tiniest buildings, it is a model of military and political power. This temple was reconstructed after it was severely damaged by raids and lost much of its significance. It has sculptural friezes as well as being built from Pentellic marble. The temple, which is from the Bronze Age, is where sculptures of Athena Nike in various forms can be found.

History of the Temple of Athena Nike:

The smallest building on the Acropolis of Athens is the Temple of Athena Nike. It was constructed in memory of the goddesses of triumph, Athena and Nike. It was constructed on top of the ruins of an earlier Athena temple from the sixth century BC that had been destroyed by the Persians in 480 BC. The temple represented Athens' aspirations to vanquish Sparta and rise to global prominence. The Athenian triumph over the Persians is commemorated on the temple's frieze. It was created by Kallikrates, who was also in charge of building the Parthenon. Around 420 BC, the Temple of Athena Nike was completed.

What is the Temple of Athena Nike?

The Temple of Athena Nike was a temple planned by architect Kallikrates and constructed between 426-421 BC. It is situated on the southeast edge of the Acropolis of Athens.

The foundations and altars of older, Athena and Nike-related temples that once stood on the same grounds as the current one are still visible inside the bastion beneath the temple's floor.

Four monolithic columns may be seen on either short side of the temple, which is a compact Ionic amphiprostyle building.

Architecture of the Temple of Athena Nike:

Due to its little stature, the Temple of Athena Nike is a four-column tetrastyle building. They are monolithic columns. Colonnade porticos are present on the building's front and back facades but not on its sides. The east and west fronts' columns were solid, monolithic columns. White Pentelic marble was used to build the temple, which was 5.5 meters broad, 8 meters long, and 7 meters tall.

For guests to enjoy the view from every aspect, the side columns are decorated with volutes, a circular scroll that serves as the foundation for the lonic order. The Temple of Athena Nike is distinguished by its columns, which are not as thin as those of other Ionic structures.

Given that the Athena and Nike temple is located right adjacent to the Propylaea, it is conceivable that this choice was chosen. Placement next to the massive, weighty doorway would have made the temple, which is the smallest of all the temples on the hill, appear too little in comparison.

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Address of Temple of Athena Nike

Acropolis, Dionysiou Areopagitou Acropolis, Athens 10558 Greece

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