Mount Lycabettus

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The highest peak in the heart of Athens, Greece, is Mount Lycabettus. Standing 277 meters above sea level and known as Lykavittos Hill in Greek, it offers breathtaking views of the shoreline and the Greek capital.

The hill, which is close to the neighborhoods of Exarchia and Kolonaki, is one of the biggest green spaces in the heart of Athens. Many Athenians visit this area to promenade, walk their pets, or climb to the summit to take in the view of the city.

It is possible to go to Lycabettus Hill on foot, by funicular railroad, or by taxi. Megaro Moussikis, Ampelokipi, and Evangelismos metro stations are the closest. Anyone with their vehicle can also park in the roomy lot.


Over the ages, Lycabettus seems to have never been inhabited. There may have been an Olympian Zeus temple in prehistoric times. It was later replaced by a Byzantine church, and today's visitors may still view the famous Agios Georgios or St. George chapel from the 18th century. When the Greek Independence War broke out in 1821, Lycabettus was a dry, desolate area of the city. However, because the hill was abundant in building materials, quarrying activities started in the 1830s. A lot of the homes in Athens were constructed using Lycabettus' materials! Due to the large number of goats that inhabited the area, the earliest attempts to plant crops on Lycabettus in the late 1800s failed. Although it's hard to believe the bustling Kolonaki was once a pasture, Athens has seen a significant change in the last 200 years! On Lycabettus, a tiny canteen or diner with the name Prasini Tenta opened in the early 1930s. It is still in use today and provides breathtaking views of the city.

Best things to do at Mount Lycabettus:

If you're looking for a spot to get away from the city's noise and bustle, Lycabettus Hill is a great choice. The calm and quiet are such a contrast to the bustling market lanes of Psiri and Monastiraki and the nearby Kolonaki and Exarchia neighborhoods.

The Agios Georgios chapel can be found once you have reached the very peak. There is a sizable observation platform right outside. Amazing perspectives of the hill itself, the entire city, and the shore are accessible.

Some of the best pictures of Athens may be taken from above during sunset, which is a popular time to visit. The Acropolis, the Greek Parliament, the temple of Zeus, and the nearby National Gardens are a few of the sites seen from above.

You can take a rest at the Prasini Tenta cafe while descending the hill. Even though it is undoubtedly pricey, it is a nice area to sit for an hour and take in the bustling city below. You can also reserve a table at the exclusive Orizontes restaurant for that special occasion.

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