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One of Athens's oldest neighborhoods, Monastiraki is situated in the center of the city. Athenians frequently congregate around Monastiraki Square, and there are lots of sights and activities nearby. Standing in the center of the plaza, you can observe a fusion of historical periods, cultural influences, and several pathways flowing in all directions.

The Greek Revolution against Ottoman occupation gave rise to the moniker Monastiraki. The nunnery, a female monastery built on the plaza, served as its model. The Ancient Agora, which was the heart of the ancient city of Athens, is one of the most significant archeological sites in the region.

An old river flows beneath the square's cobblestones. In reality, the riverbed of the sacred river of the ancient Athenians, the river Eridanus, presented unusual challenges to the construction of the new Metro station. The only portion of the river that has been exposed in the modern city is at the nearby Kerameikos archeological site.

In a unique exhibition area with archeological finds inside the Monastiraki Metro station, the remnants of the lost riverbed that were unearthed are partially visible. In contemporary Greece, Monastiraki continued to function as a market, with vendors setting up shop on the sidewalk benches to offer goods including fresh grilled corn, fruit, handcrafted shoes, and more.

Best things to see at Monastiraki:

  • The Tzistarakis Mosque is perhaps the first structure you will see after savoring the panorama of Monastiraki. The Mosque, which was constructed in 1759, bears the name of Mustafa Aga Tzistarakis, the city's Ottoman voivode. Due to the neighboring fountain that was supplied by the Eridanus River, it was also known as the Lower Sintrivani Mosque. After its initial renovation in 1915, it was used as a museum of handicrafts, and since 1975, it has housed an amazing collection of pottery from Cyprus, the Ottoman Empire, Greece, and contemporary Turkey.

  • You may reach the Roman Agora by returning to Monastiraki Square and continuing to walk parallel to the Ancient Agora. A vast rectangular area encircled by colonnades, many of which are still surviving, made up this Agora.

  • The Tower of the Winds, a structure that stands on the corner of the Roman Agora's footprint, is regarded as the first weather station in history. Around the building, you may observe the engravings of the eight Wind Gods! Both locations are included as some of the top things to do in Athens and Monastiraki overall in all neighborhood guides.
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