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The largest collection of Vincent Van Gogh's works can be found at the Van Gogh Museum. You can read more about Vincent Van Gogh's life and works of art in addition to viewing them here. He was one of the most well-known artists in the history of western art. He was the first child born to Protestant preacher Anna Carbenuts and Theodorus van Gogh on March 30, 1853, in the Brabant village of Zundert.

His career began as a student, progressed to the junior clerk at an art firm, instructor after that, working in a bookshop after that, and finally, preacher. He finally decided to pursue painting at the age of 27, changing the path of art history, which had previously come to a stop in 1890.

Vincent had always envisioned founding an artistic community in the South of France. He developed a reputation as an artist early on for his fervor and ability to convey strong feelings in his paintings. Vincent was greatly influenced by Japanese printmaking, which provided him with a fresh perspective on the world. In 1890, when Vincent's life was in disarray due to personal problems, he decided to end it all by shooting himself in the chest on July 29, 1890.

The Van Gogh Museum is home to a collection of Vincent's well-known paintings and drawings as well as the creations of his fellow artists. According to Vincent, his sunflower-themed paintings were some of his best creations. Vincent Van Gogh was a major fan of Japanese prints, thus there is also a sizable collection of those works. Vincent's paintings continue to inspire the next generation of painters around the world even a century after his passing.

Things to see at the Van Gogh Museum:

The Rietveld building and the Kurokawa wing are the two structures that make up the museum. The Rietveld building was created by Mr. Gerrit Rietveld, and the Kurokawa wing was created by Mr. Kisho Kurokawa.

The Rietveld Building is a significant building that houses a long-term collection. Between 1950 and 1963, Gerrit Rietveld, an architect and furniture designer, created it. The modernist vision of Rietveld was more oriented toward geometric forms and airy, open areas. Initially, fresh works were hung against the colored tinted wall at Vincent Van Gogh's request.

  • Kurokawa Wing:

To save room, 75% of the building's area was subterranean. This recently constructed wing has two floors and a basement. Mr. Kurokawa designed the structure. The interior has a more traditional Japanese feel thanks to its alignment with curvilinear shapes and lines.

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Address of Van Gogh Museum

Museumplein 6, 1071 DJ Amsterdam The Netherlands

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