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North America by Air

North America is the third largest continent and bordered by four oceans on all sides. This vast continent has a myriad of airlines flying to and from. Few of the popular airlines that offer air transportation services include American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, etc.

What constitutes North America?

Home to 23 countries led by the USA, North America occupies an area of 24 million square kilometers. From the fascinating Manhattan skyline, dense forests of Panama, to the glorious architectural wonders, North America is a land of contrasts. Some of the countries in North America are the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Panama, etc.

Languages spoken

There are approx. 350 languages in North America that are widely spoken. The most common languages are include English, Spanish, and French.

Taste of North America

Explore the world of tantalizing recipes in North America. The North American cuisine is influenced by many international cuisines like Native American cuisine, Asian cuisine, and European cuisine. A myriad of dishes with the perfect balance of flavors will instantly make you hungry.

Weather in North America

Since North America is a huge continent, the climate varies from country to country. Thorough research on the country is advisable before you are planning your travel. Some regions of the continent are humid while some are a little dry and rainy depending on its location and season.

Top destinations in North America

There are a quite a number of fascinating tourist destinations that draw millions. Each country boasts of hundreds of attractions from natural landmarks, geological wonders, historical sites, to manmade structures. California, Virginia, Boston, Seattle, Tennessee, North Carolina, New York City, etc. are few of the top cities in North America.

Why visit North America?

North America has a never-ending list of tourist attractions to explore from Niagara waterfalls in Canada, Walt Disney World Parks in Florida, Chichen Itza in Mexico, to Yellowstone National Park in USA, and many more. Its beautiful attractions and pleasant weather will fill you childlike excitement. It will take years to dig out all hidden attractions. Make your bucket-list now and plan your holiday to explore this land of huge diversity.