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    News About Hotels in Riyadh

    A Look into Riyadh Hotels & Property Market in 2016

    by Rehlat posted on Jan 17th, 2017

    The property market of Riyadh, both commercial, residential, and office space has remained stagnant throughout 2016. The Riyadh hotel market had no new supplies in last quarter of 2016. The total number of Riyadh hotel rooms remained at 11,800 at the end of the year.

    Riyadh hotels market is expected to see a huge boost in 2017 with 4300 new hotels opening. Most of these hotel projects are the due and postponed from 2015 and 2016. The stagnancy in hotels in Riyadh is due to less demand from the business and public sectors. The year 2017 may bring change to the market with good hotel occupancy and revenue as the diversifying and to reducing its complete dependency on business tourism.

    The Ritz-Carlton Riyadh Hotel Announces 'Fifth Anniversary' Exclusive Hotel Package

    by Rehlat posted on Jan 2nd, 2017

    To mark its fifth-anniversary celebrations, The Ritz-Carlton, the landmark luxury Riyadh hotel is offering its guests a new hotel package perfect for families, friends, and professionals who want to spend a royal stay in Riyadh.

    The Fifth Year Anniversary of The Ritz-Carlton Riyadh hotel “Weekend Offer” includes deluxe and superior rooms as well as executive and royal luxury suites in Riyadh. And guests can enjoy Al Orjouan, the signature all-day dining buffet outlet featuring Middle Eastern and international cuisines; Turquoise, the exclusive lounge with an exquisite background; Chorisia Lounge, the alfresco dining option for leisurely breakfast, lunch or signature afternoon tea and Strike, the fun and stimulating atmosphere for mocktails and smoothies within the 1,000 square meter indoor six-lane bowling alley.

    Riyadh Hotels Profit conversion Falls by 40.7%

    by Rehlat posted on December 8th, 2016

    Due to falling revenues and rising costs, profit conversion at Riyadh hotels has diminished to 40.7% of total revenue year-to- date 2016 compared to 46.4%.

    Since starting its downturn in October 2015, falling revenue levels have contributed to an 11.9% Total Revenue decline in the 12 months to October 2016, to $215.79. Increasing costs have added to the woes of Riyadh hoteliers and profit per room has now fallen by 20.8% in the last 12 months to $92.11.

    In addition to declining revenue in Rooms (-11.8%), as well as ancillary departments, such as Food & Beverage (-11.0%) and Conference & Banqueting (-9.8%), hotels in Riyadh have also suffered increases in costs per available room, including labour (+0.3%) and overheads (+3.0%).

    Marriott brands in Riyadh receives “2016 Luxury Hotel and Conference Center” award

    by Rehlat posted on December 6th, 2016

    Riyadh Marriott Hotel has added yet another accolade in its already decorated kitty. As per the reports, Riyadh Marriott Hotel received the “2016 Luxury Hotel and Conference Center” award, while Marriott Executive Apartments, Riyadh Makarim received the “2016 Luxury Serviced Apartment” award.

    The awards were granted by the World Luxury Hotel Awards in a ceremony held at St. Regis Hotel Doha last Oct. 29. Riyadh Marriott Hotel has become one of the most authentic hotels among Riyadh Hotels and reinforced its position as the destination for business and leisure travelers because of its strategic location, premium services, and integrated facilities.

    Dur Hospitality is one of the most prestigious Saudi hospitality companies and has been publicly listed and trading on the Saudi stock market since 1976. Dur Hospitality owns, develops, and manages a broad range of tourism and residential properties across The Kingdom. Hoteliers in Istanbul may choose to close down their businesses due to a continuing plunge in the numbers of both local and foreign tourists, a leading association warned in a written statement on Dec. 5.

    Four Seasons Hotels in Riyadh Celebrate Opening of Lebanese Food Festival

    by Rehlat posted on November 29th, 2016

    The Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh has launched the Lebanese Food Festival at Elements Restaurant on November 21, hosted by the Lebanese Embassy and Regional Director of Marketing Tarek Bekhiet. During the Lebanese Food Festival, the culinary team welcomes Chef Yousif Rahmoun and visiting chef from Four Seasons Hotel Lebanon prepared exclusive Lebanese cuisines and selected one of the finest ingredients to make several mouth-watering dishes.

    The Lebanese Food Festival features all inclusive dinner buffets begins daily at 07:00 pm until 12:00 midnight at Elements restaurant. During the food festival guests can taste various types of appetizers and traditional Lebanese mezze including fried kebbe, tabouleh, hummus and grape leaves. Four Seasons continued to dominate Hotels in Riyadh with its blend of diverse cultural experiences with most talented international chefs.

    Riyadh Hotels Market Gets New Entrant, Swiss International

    by Rehlat posted on November 23rd, 2016

    Swiss International makes a grand entrance in Saudi Arabia with Swiss International Royal Hotel and Swiss Spirit Hotel & Suites Metropolitan in Riyadh. The number of hotels in Riyadh by Swiss International would be four and each of these entities will have European hospitality served in traditional Middle East flour.

    The 60 rooms Swiss International Royal Hotel in Riyadh is centrally located on the King Fahed Road in Al Sahafa district which is home to many commercial centers and consulates along with many local traditional markets.

    Swiss International Hotels in Riyadh will have the below amenities:

    • Swiss Café Restaurant & Lounge
    • Grill Room - International cuisine and open buffet with daily theme nights
    • Eventives (4 meeting spaces with seating capacity from 25 – 100 person)
    • Inspirations Pool & Gym
    • Swiss-Select Lounge
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