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About Hahn Air

Established in 1994 as a German domestic airline, Hahn Air has developed to become a much bigger enterprise since then. The airline boasts a fleet of Cessna business jets that are administered by expert and professional pilots to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers. The German based airline operates scheduled flights between Dusseldorf and Luxembourg that leave and arrive two times a week. Currently, the airline functions one scheduled journey as well as charter flights within Europe. Hahn Air licensed by the German Civil Aviation Authority (LBA)

Note: Hahn Air currently operates from Düsseldorf Airport and in the future the airline may operate from Egelsbach Airport, near Frankfurt.

Hahn Air – Things to Know

  • Convenient departure times

  • No waiting times at check-in

  • Use of a Citation Jet 4 and a Citation Sovereign business jet (one of the newest aero planes in its performance class)

  • Charter flights available at a short notice throughout Europe

  • Extremely environmentally friendly with quiet engines

Hahn Air Booking Classes

Note: Hahn Air booking is available for two different travel classes.

  • Business Class

  • Economy Class

Both of the travel classes are provided with the comfortable leather seats, which can be adjusted to a full recline position.

Amenities offered by all Hahn Air Flights

  • State-of-the-art avionics

  • Comfortable leather seats

  • Seats can be adjusted to a full recline position

  • A well-stocked bar

  • Arrangement of individual requests, ranging from champagne breakfast on board to taxi or limo directly on the tarmac.

  • Free seating on all flights.

  • Drinks and snacks