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Air India Regional

With its establishment in 1996, Air India Regional operates 29 domestic routes all across India with a leased fleet of aircrafts includes 3 CRJ, 4 ATR 42-320 and 5 ATR 72-600. Air India Regional is wholly owned by Air India Limited and is a subsidiary of Air India.

Air India Regional flights travel in all the domestic routes at an affordable cost. It is easy and quick to book Air India Regional flight tickets for one way and round trip with Rehlat.

Air India Regional Flights – Things to Know

Enjoy an amazing experience with plenty of in-flight amenities and excellent service on board, as well as wide variety of programs on the sky on all Air India Regional flights

  • Comfortable seating on all classes
  • Exotic catering menus
  • Enjoy additional space
  • Luxurious passenger lounges

Air India Regional Booking Classes

Air India Regional flights have only economy class seats for the domestic flights connecting major Indian cities and towns.
All Air India Regional flights have comfortable seating arrangement with good seat pitch and big leg rooms.